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    Terrible city,terrible country....My answer to you is this : First time CUBA and the last time.....Whay ??? Because we had : Terrible weather awful November 2012
    2.You have in CUBA 2 currency's one for local's second for us and is very,very,very expensive,2 EURO for one chocolate 100g and their monthly salary is 20 euro,hahahah
    3.The people are not friendly......at all
    4.Is not a tropical place as I expected....only fat German,Dutch,bla,bla women for them is interesting there,but for us I didn't find any reason TO COME BACK IN CUBA.
    We are couple around 30 years.......Because I was so disappointed I even cancel the trip to HAVANA,now think whay ??? Because for me it was enough in Varadero and I did't wanted to explore more....from that country !!!
    ONLY 1 thing was nice hehehhe WE DIDN'T NEED VISA,TOURIST CARD for CUBA...We are Macedonian passports holders....
    Better go to Dominican Republic,Mexico,Brazil,Kenya !!! over 7 years ago

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    Well my thoughts on Cuba are the opposite of the other poster!

    We thought the country was amazing, probably our favourite country in the world - we would definitely move there if they could improve the internet so we could work and the people are amazing!

    Varadero beach is amazingly gorgeous although the town is the only somewhat soulless place we went to, due to the fact that it is all set up for tourists.

    It was easy to get a bus to and from Varadero from Havana and we ended up staying longer than we expected as the beach is soooo nice!

    Every other town/city in Cuba has passion and life and culture and music so it is worth exploring, we spent a month in Cuba total and easily could have stayed longer. almost 7 years ago

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    Cuba is amazing!! I have been twice and hope to go again twice a year for a very long time. So beautiful, the people are hilarious and the food can be quite good:) As well, the dancing and music is fantastic--the Tropicana really is the best show on earth--an absolute must see:)

    Although, I have enjoyed Havana and Varadero--I will be going back to Cayo Coco as much as possible. It felt like going to the cottage--a tropical cottage with gorgeous 50's style hotels--(actually built in the 90's.) Horses, dogs and cattle roam the rural highway, flamingos and coco birds linger, and a variety of palms and tropical flowers sway in the ocean breezes.

    So nice to hear the ocean waves breaking from my hotel balcony:) I took Spanish lessons under palm trees, Salsa classes on the hotel's marble terrace and spent hours a day in one of the many pools...

    Everyone should visit Cuba at least once-not only for it's dancing and rum, but as well for it's diverse and fascinating history. almost 7 years ago

    Answered by Stewart via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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