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Can I use my credit card, or are there plenty of ATMs I can use to get cash out, or do I need to bring cash in? What currency do they use?

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    Cash over 7 years ago

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    They use convertible Cuban pesos ( a currency only for tourists). Best thing is to take cash and credit card. Take anything except US dollars. Canadian dollars, euros or pounds, which the hotels will change for you. They convert your visa payment into US and then back again to make a bit of cash, so only use it for tour payments, or anything that requires a large payment about 7 years ago

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    Using ATM's in Cuba is VERY expensive! It cost us $16 once and $24 another time in bank fees! Not including the fees from our bank in Oz!

    We took Mexican pesos but ran out a week before we left. You need enough cash for your whole trip. We heard that there is a 10% surcharge if you exchange US dollars, but to be honest we didn't see that happening. Your best bet is to take Mexican Pesos or Euros.

    There are two currencies in Cuba one for tourists CUC's, and one for locals CUP's. You will mainly use the CUC's but you may buy some things in CUP's so it is handy to have some that you might get in change if you buy an ice cream for example.

    We exchanged a small amount of our money at the airport when we first arrived and the rest in town in batches. The airport had fairly good rates in the end, but we were not too sure.

    We found Cuba to be the safest place we have ever been - so our initial paranoia wore off very quickly. almost 7 years ago

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    We arrived Cuba 1 of febr. 2014 and we have ask at Cuba´s Embassy in Panama City, there we learn us to do with money ! We change our US$ to € in Panama and arrive to Havana only with Euros- and that was a good ideà ! over 6 years ago

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