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    kristinameakin said:
    Whatever you do, if you're Canadian & passing via rail through Macedonia, make sure you have your visa. Trust me.
    --- over 11 years ago

    Answered by Nicholas Roberts via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Just to note from me.
    This is quite true for Australians as well.
    As the countries you are travelling through still have heavy border control make sure you take every precaution.
    http://www.smartraveller.gov.au should tell you about any country you are planning to go to.

    Border controls can be very scary and there are some strong prejudices against particular countries, these are usually between borders there though.
    I remember passing from Croatia (non-EU) to Slovenia (EU) and several policeman came into my cabin on a train and they started harassing a poor Serbian guy who lived in Italy and they really made very sure that he was not an illegal immigrant sneaking in.
    I had a Finnish friend who also experienced a bit of prejudice against her South American friends who were travelling with her through that area.

    Anyway I'm sure it will be fine. Sounds like a great trip and I hope you have fun. :) over 11 years ago

    Answered by Nicholas Roberts via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Travelling by train in central and eastern europe (including Balkan) usually cheap and easy way to discover the region.
    Tickets are cheap, but not available usually in advance, but you can buy tickets at the stations.
    Yes, police and border patrol can be a problem, but if you have all your papers (papers are very important :-) ), there should be no problem. Smaller problems can be solved with a small amount of money, but if you catch an international train there should be no things like this.
    Trains can be late, so prepare yourself


    Aron over 11 years ago

    Answered by Aron Hohl via Site_iconTravellr.com

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