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We are traveling in September and trying to decide in the itinerary..
I know that to get to the park the bus is the way to go but I cannot find info on the time schedule... or maybe I just can't understand the frequency if there is any.
How long does it take from Split to Plitvice? And from Zadar? Which of the cities has more options of buses? I heard that some of the buses from Split go via Zadar.
And then from the park to Zagreb is that easy? Shall we try to leave early or it's okay going in the afternoon?
Read some comments of full buses... does that mean that it is a journey standing or they wont pick us up on the road?
thanks in advance!

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    The trip can be done from Zadar in a day, but the bus takes a good couple of hours I think, so need to leave early. It would take too long from Split though. The bus does then go onto Zagreb. Not sure about Schedule though, sorry. over 9 years ago

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    http://www.akz.​hr/vr/voznired.​aspx - this is a link to buses schedule (it should work). There are about a dozen buses that go to Plitvice from Zagreb on a daily basis - it takes approximately 2 or 2,5 hrs to get there. If you are somewhere at the seaside and want to go to Plitvice, you can also check it out on this site, or you can go with some of the tour providers (there are a number of them on the shore who advertise trips to Plitvice in the stalls along the streets). over 9 years ago

    Answered by Rebeka Toth Vujasinovic via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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