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Quiet Exploration in Croatia?

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Hey Friends,
Single Female traveler here.

Im bound for Croatia for about 5 days, I know the Aegean is Party Central in the summer but I really just want quiet areas to enjoy the water/hiking etc. I'll have a car and don't mind taking ferries. So does anyone have any tips for off the beaten track islands/beaches/etc. I'll have my dive gear/camp stuff, I'm into cliff jumping and hiking, LOVE meeting locals and experiencing new food.

Any help would be appreciated!

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    Vis is about as out-of-the-way an island as you can get and still have all the amenities.
    Korcula is closer to the mainland and pretty peaceful, but no cliff jumping to speak of.
    If it's not too late, get in touch with a dive center in the general area you plan to visit to get some beta and make a local connection.
    Dobar tek! over 3 years ago

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    Hi Skye, I went to the small islands of Zlarin (2 nights) and Vis (4 nights) in August 2016. Prices in Croatia (e.g. accommodation, entrance fee to Plitvice Lakes) go up 3 times or more in the summer.

    In ZLARIN (off coast of Sibenik, accessible by ferry) it took me 2.5 hours to reach the beautiful V. Lovisca bay. What seems like "hiking trails" (i.e. dotted lines) on the map of the island given by the tourist office don't really exist- it’s just thorns and piles of gravel rocks in falling-apart dry walls. I got many scratches on my legs but the water is really amazing and urchin-free at entrance (crucial in Croatia). The next day I hiked to Uvala Lokvica bay - it was full of garbage. But the 3 bays to the left of it (you can swim across them) were lovely.
    I recommend eating at the Konoba Prslika restaurant (there is a path from the church that leads there).

    In VIS island (accessible by ferry from Split), I couldn't find a room for less than 40 euro (as a single traveling female), so I made a self-made tent at the illegal camp side of Komiza village over the beach bar on Kamenice bay. Be aware: the bar plays very loud electronic music after midnight. You can take a shower at the public WC/showers on the shore in Komiza town. Also check out the open-air cinema.
    You can go to the tourist office in Komiza and take photos of the "hiking trail" map they have there (no copies).
    From the camp site, I hiked towards Stupisce peninsula and Tito's bunker ruins. Unfortunately Gonjilna bay, is full of garbage. From there I walked the uphill dirt road and then the asphalt to Pritiscina bay - I preferred the (better) half of it (a quieter cove) reachable by swimming. It can get windy and wavy on that side of the island.
    From the camp site I also walked (the next day) towards Stiniva bay, but it was way too crowded - instead from there I took the signed path to Smricevica beach (next to Stiniva) which is much better and quieter (split in two sides divided by rocks you can walk on).
    As social as I am and into meeting locals also, I was only able to have a nice chat with a girl working in a souvenir shop in Komiza. over 3 years ago

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    The first day I felt very lazy
    I decided to take some rest, but I had to stay on the beach so I decided to put my bags under my head and make it like a pillow and then took to sleep an hour on the sand beach
    When I woke up I found a group of people sitting next to me and I looked at them and soon went to one of them and asked him his name and said to my name Megrush and then we took the talk to the next morning and found a spectacular view when the sun shone from the water with the utmost magnificence
    I filmed it with a mobile camera but it looked like it was a specialized camera
    Then the time came for breakfast and it was a truly delicious breakfast
    While eating breakfast I asked him some special questions about the conditions of the city and the way of life, he answered me easily life here and how much love and love for this life
    When lunch time came I found a red goat on the fire and its good smell invaded the place
    Their taste was very delicious maybe not tasted like before over 3 years ago

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