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    The nice ones welcome you :)

    I've considered it and paid attention to people talking and attended a relocation seminar in CR from www.arcr.net (definitely worth the money for their 2 day relocation session).

    I don't think I would consider a secure place unless they were building a community right near where I wanted to live (and it was affordable). But I really hadn't thought about it all that much.

    I'd say overall it's safe, but can you really say that about anywhere?

    Subscribe to the TicoTimes.net it's the weekly english paper for a few months and read the news stories in the weekly PDF and see what you think....

    Gary over 8 years ago

    Answered by Gary LaPointe via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Many north Americans have retired or relocated to CR. They are very welcoming. Biggest issue you face is petty theft. over 8 years ago

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    The locals are very friendly, however, I've read some horror stories about expats selling up to retire in CR. Do your research, and remember that many of those companies out there are targeting Americans to sell them services, homes, and relocation packages. They are not always in your best interest.

    There is a LOT of theft from homes here. I have never seen so many barred windows & doors in my life.

    Hotels, rentals properties, and Extended stay hotels aka 'Aparthotels' ..all advertise as being 'safe and secure' as a selling point.

    In the more rural areas of Heredia every property has guard dogs, that bark constantly through the night. Be warned, don't go for a jog near such homes as you may find a gnarly dog chasing you.. It happened to me! about 6 years ago

    Answered by ASK JDOG via Site_iconAsk a Nomad iPad app
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    Actually you propose a very excellent question...This is my experience .. In the 90s, Costa Rica was the best place to visit.. and has remained so for 20 years.. the people there are friendliest in all of Central America.. I assume that you have done your research already.
    Having said this, when I first visited CR, there were more. Century 21 signs than road signs...All this influx of Americans has raised the cost of Real Estate to levels that the middle class Costa Ricans cannot afford..and there is some resentment ..
    Also , there is a huge influx of Columbians, which is has become an issue regarding safety , petty and major crime, and Kidnappings.. I am not trying to disparage you, but do your research before you invest.. the northern area has less of a problem than the southern area. hope this helps.. not trying to disparage Costa Rica, or Columbians...it is what it is.. over 5 years ago

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