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    Hmm .. tourist amenities are expensive and therefore only placed where there are tourists. That said the best place I found for me is Playa Santa Theresa. It has tourist amenities such as a nice coffee shop, a few restaurants but is not overly commercialized. There are tourists but most are low-key and there to exclusively surf and chill.

    Myself I rented a dirt bike and visited volcanoes and some beach areas. You can usually find stuff along the way. If you have a working knowledge of Spanish great. But a few key words, phrases and some hand waving will do too.

    Definitely stay away from Jaco. IMHO its a seedy tourist trap with few redeeming features except it is easily accessible by road from the airport... :/

    When you arrive you could be looking for overnight accomodation. This place is one of the nicest .. met a few repeat savvy travelers there. Although I never used them I noticed many people loading up on buses to transfer to their ultimate destination.


    If you go to Playa Santa Theresa I recommend the following place:


    There is a lot to see .. don't be afraid to move around.

    Have fun!

    -W. over 5 years ago

    Answered by Warren via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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