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Want scenery, history, easy walking trails. Ease of getting around while there i.e. trains. Limited somewhat by arthritis. Have not traveled outside US (other than Mex, carribean Isles) in 40+ yrs.). Any ideas or recommendations

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    Costa Rica is my go to spot. I like the Pacific Coast, specifically Montezuma, which is at the south end of the northern Peninsula.

    Here's a few links of mine specifically about Montezuma (photos, stories, videos, interactive 360/720 panoramas).

    The waterfalls are beautiful (see my photos, videos and 3d inter actives), I go everyday that I'm in town (unless I'm going somewhere else!).

    I blogged about lots of my trips at my blog http://GarySaid.com/tags/montezuma/ you can search there for "Costa Rica" too. The stories are probably more detailed in the past, since I've been there SO many times, I tend to not write as much now...

    A few dozen of my videos at YouTube of Montezuma http://www.youtube.com/user/garylapointe/videos?query=montezuma

    And some cool 720(?) degree 3D-ish PhotoSynths at http://photosynth.net/userprofilepage.aspx?user=garylapointe&content=Synths
    but I don't know how to restrict to just Montezuma (but I'd guess half are from Costa Rica) so you might have to flip pages because I've got some AWESOME ones of the waterfalls (including from the edge of the top of the 90 foot one looking down and up the 40 foot upper falls!). You're computer might complain it needs SIlverlight to play these, but they'll play fine on an iPhone or iPad if you have one.

    Cabo Blanco (this is one of the most preserved parks in the country) is closed Monday and Tuesday (and I've been told is open on holidays), there is a bus from town at 8am or 8:20-ish and it drops you off at the bottom of the driveway, not at the entrance (maybe a kilometer away?), if you don't have a car (if you have a car, be there at 7:59 so that you can get in before the noisy tourists show up). It's beautiful there but VERY hilly. No climbing with your hands but it's VERY steep up and down (they've put in cement blocks). You only have two choices there. a 75-90 minutes loop or and 2 hour walk to the beach (and 2 hours back). FYI, Even the short loop at Cabo Blanco is much harder than climbing to the upper falls in Montezuma.

    Anywhere in CR: Don't assume hotels have air conditioning (or hot water). Always double check.

    Gary over 7 years ago

    Answered by Gary LaPointe via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    (Ran out of typing space above)
    I've spent weeks in the Montezuma, Costa Rica area and not been bored. But I like the waterfalls in the hills and the one the pours into the ocean. So check out the links and videos above.

    WiFi is very common but you'll want to double-check on that too for your hotel.

    Roads are bad in that area, IF you rent you'll want a 4x4. The rental place will probably make you get one. I rarely rent a car these days, I take shuttle busses that pick me up near the San Jose airport and drop me off at my hotel in Montezuma (and vice versa). I usually use "Montezuma Expeditions" and they have good hotel packages if you're arriving later in the day and need to stay the night (they only do the hotel at the SJO airport end) and they aren't fancy, although I really like Casa Tago in Alajuela sometimes the offer that hotel, if they don't sometimes it's $5-$10 to upgrade.

    Once I'm in Montezuma, usually the only thing I want a car for is to go over to watch the sunset on the other side (the easiest way is via Cobano, but I've read there is a shortcut through Delicias that I haven't done yet, so ask if adventurous). Otherwise, I don't really need it. So if you do get an ATV rental for a day, be sure to catch sunset in St. Teresa. I've driven all around the south end of the peninsula in the ATV (Montezuma to Cabo Blanco to Santa Teresa to Manzinillo to Paquera and to Cobano for gas and back to Montezuma).

    Gary over 7 years ago

    Answered by Gary LaPointe via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Ecuador is outstanding! And very cheap! See Cuenca , visit Banos . Also the equator is just outside of Quito , a great experience. Cajas national park. A never ending things to do and see. My favorite! over 6 years ago

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    I would recommend Tuscany over Central America any day. I grew up in Europe and have travelled a fair amount. I am just wrapping up a 2 1/2 month visit to Costa Rica, and have little positive to say about this country.

    Note that I have been staying with Costa Rican family in a remote area. It's hot, humid, and while people are friendly, they can never give you a straight answer on anything. It's the most frustrating place.

    Of course, if you are ONLY going to tourist locations then your trip will be much much better! It does boast beautiful scenery, mountains, and wildlife.

    My preference is culture, and old Europe.

    Good luck on your travels. over 6 years ago

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    Also.. You said that you want ease of getting around. In my experience that is NOT Costa Rica. over 6 years ago

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