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Studying Spanish in Costa Rica

about 11 years ago about Costa Rica

I'm thinking of taking a holiday and studying Spanish in Costa Rica. Has anyone here heard of/used http://isls.com ? They seem to have a good presence there. Any other recommendations for language schools or things to do while I'm there? Cheers!

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    Is that the geographic area that you want to be in? It's really touristy up there. But if you want Subway, that's the place to be :)

    Down by Montezuma (at the bottom of the same peninsula) there is a group called http://www.proyectomontezuma.org/ that seems to be doing a lot for the community. I know I've seen their staff working with local kids at the local elementary school (during regular hours) so I figure they're doing good (I might be mixing up my timeline, maybe they formerly worked at the school, but I don't think so). They're on Facebook too.

    The Montezuma area is awesome. My blog posts tagged about it http://garysaid.com/tags/montezuma/ and my photo site of Montezuma and the general area http://montezumapacific.com/ I just REALLY enjoy it down that way.

    There are a few other places down there too that offer Spanish, but I'd be tempted to start with them.

    They offer all sorts of classes. I'm planning on taking a surfing class with them next time I'm down there (next month).

    Gary over 9 years ago

    Answered by Gary LaPointe via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I studied with CPI and really liked my experience. They also have centers in different areas of the country so you can move around and stay with the program. about 7 years ago

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