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I want to make my trip whit a friend on december but we like to travel chep. Any Recomendations?. We are going to Baiha Solano, Chocó.

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    I can say I'm a pundit on Colombia's travel. Choco region is a mega diverse area with thick jungles making it impossible to be reached by bus or car. A road in poor condition links the regional capital of Quibdo with central Colombia, but to make it to Bahia Solano on the pacific coast you'll definitely have to fly. The best choice is to fly from Medellin Olaya airport in the city itself which handles regional air traffic and not be be confused with Rionegro airport which handles international traffic and is far from the city centre. Try visiting Satena airlines website where you can get an estimate. ADA aerolinea de Antioquia also flies to Bahia Solano from Medellin with a stopover in Quibdo. over 8 years ago

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    Here's an update a couple years later... Satena and Ada both offer multiple daily flights to Nuquí from Medellín. Since they don't really sell tickets online, you'll have to get these when you arrive in Colombia (OK during the low season) or book through a local hotel or tour operator to make sure you've got a ticket (high season).

    If you're trying to keep costs down, you can fly in and bump around the Chocó coast on public boats, but there is very limited information on the ground on how to get around. You're probably better off organizing a travel package, either through a local hotel or a operator in Medellín.

    One piece of advise- make sure you do a couple of day tours with some of the community tourism orgs on the ground. The local guides can take you to waterfalls in the jungle or looking for rare birds up and down the coast. A good resource is www.visitchoco.com. Have fun! over 5 years ago

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