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Hey, myself & 2 mates (all males) are looking at travelling from Colombia down through Ecuador then down to Cuzco by bus. Is this currently sefe as flights as too expensive and we are looking at visiting some towns along the way?

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    You are going to have a rollicking good adventure, but you'll need to have your wits about you to stay safe.
    Colombia: away from the major towns and the well-worn tourist route there's still a threat of kidnap, and opportunistic crime. It's not as bad as when Pablo Escobar was around, but there's still a lot of cocaine manufactured in Colombia, especially in rural areas - stumble into one of those factories and the welcome mat will be whisked from under your feet pretty quick.
    Make sure you pick reputable bus companies, because it is still a bit dodgy travelling at night. so you want a company that cares about you.
    Colombia was hit hard by rain-induced landslides a year back - many areas are still suffering, so road conditions can be bad. And watch out if you're there during a prolonged wet period, it could trigger more landslides.
    And if one of your side trips will be to the Lost City - take care, it is one of the coca growing areas and in January this year FARC said it would step up its revolutionary campaigns in certain places, including Cuidad Perdida.
    Ecuador: the bus services are notoriously bad and dangerous. The roads are shocking and the drivers often reckless.
    Peru: it'll be a welcome change to get to Peru, they have excellent public transport.

    None of this should stop you from going - it'll be the trip of a lifetime and you'll talk about it for years. Just exercise reasonable caution, use common sense and don't put yourselves in unnecessarily dangerous situations. Oh, and make sure you have really good travel insurance (obviously I think WorldNomads.com has the best).
    And start a journal on WorldNomads - I'm sure we'd all love to see and read about the trip.
    Phil about 9 years ago

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    Cheers for that, i've done a little bit of research into it and know that we should travel by day as much as we can so already planning on doing that.
    Haha wreckless bus drivers..sounds very similar to the taxi/bus drivers in thailand, all in good fun tho. We're not expecting 5 star service so should be all good.
    Cheers again. about 9 years ago

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    Honestly, Colombia is fine to travel. There have been a few major rockslides that have blocked some main roads, you'll have to do some research to see if you'll be encountering any of those and see about a detour. You do not need to be worried in city's or small towns for that matter, more danger to anyone that means tourists or locals are areas where there is very low population and lots of road surrounded by mountains, you don't want to stop anywhere that is very rural. As far as buses go it's definitely cheap but you will want to see about companies that offer the transportation to and from major city's at least. I live in Bogota the capital and travel often throughout the country. about 9 years ago

    • Cheers for that, I reckon we'll be sticking to major citys. Our bus trip will be from Cali to Quito then Cuzco with a few stops. Sweetchill about 9 years ago
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    Yes it´s but to long !!! over 8 years ago

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