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would like to learn as much about dance as possible, be out in nature and join in on a community service project while there. Will be alone so am looking for safe destinations.

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    Colombia is a lot safer than it used to be - especially if you stick to the major cities, towns and tourist destinations. It gets a bit riskier in rural areas.
    venezuela is a pretty dangerous place. Crime everywhere is pretty high and a lot of it is violent. There's a high possibility you'll be subjected to an express kidnap (they hold you for as long as it takes to empty your bank account - but you often get a knuckle sandwich to convince you they mean business. Unfortunately some things worse can happen to women).
    Personally I think you'd be better off joining a community project from home in Canada - let them worry about the security aspects of the trip. They'll have experience of the place and know how to reduce the risk. over 9 years ago

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    If I were you I would definitely avoid unnecessary travel to Venezuela. Crime is rampant and authorities extremely corrupt and incompetent. Venturing into Venezuela by crossing borders poses a high risk as Venezuelan officials, most of them involved with drug trafficking will try to get something from you, specially if you have blatant foreign features, stick to Colombia only. Hope that anytime Venezuela can overcome its poor safety issues. about 9 years ago

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    My husband just returned from venezuela for business. They went everywhere (even to cross the street) with armed bodyguards. Not acsafe place at all. about 9 years ago

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    Venezuela is not really tourist or traveler friendly. If you go there you should go with an organized tour. It is an incredible country. you have the Caribbean on one side, the Andes, large savannas, Orinocco Delta, jungles and anacondas--(stay away). But also lots and lots of trash. Only travel with licensed taxi's. There are many fake taxi drivers that will pick you up at the airport and then take you out and rob you. Know exchange rates. US dollar is valuable and if you know how to buy and sell you can (at least) pay for your trip this way. Risky but everyone does it. Excellent treking and backpacking in the Andes. almost 9 years ago

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