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    I left Bogota two weeks ago and now I am almost in Quito, having traveled by bus all the way.

    For the longer hauls, I prefer Bolivariano as the buses are comfortable (WiFi, toilets, reclining seats) and safe (baggage tickets for the stowed bags).

    But sometimes you end up on the smaller buses if you are wandering a bit, not just getting from B to Q. Then, you need to be a bit more vigilant. I did meet someone who had their laptop stolen from a bag stowed at their feet by cutting the bag. It does happen.

    I am not sure what aspect of safety you are concerned about. If it is guerillas and holdups, then the recommendation is not to travel at night south of Popayan to Ipiales. You don't see the scenery at night anyway, so why would you?

    Overall, I have never felt unsafe on the buses in Colombia or Ecuador and it has been a blast. almost 8 years ago

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    • wow, great advice. Great trip too. Ask Phil over 7 years ago
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    In general after 20 months on buses our main tip is never to put your valuables under your seat or above you. Keep your cameras and wallets between your feet or on your lap.

    The more common way to get robbed is for someone to duck under your seat from behind and slice open your bag with a knife and pull out your valuables.

    Although we heard of people having stuff slipped out the top of their bags when they were not looking.

    In general we had no problems, but we did catch two thieves when one was under the seat of some tourists in front of them.

    Thieves are opportunists so don't give them any opportunities :) about 7 years ago

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