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Malaria risk in Cali

almost 8 years ago about Cali, Colombia

Im traveling to Cali in June with a 6 year old. I've been there twice before nad never heard about any malaria risk. Now my doctor says that I should give my daughter malarone, to make sure she is protected from malaria. Is there really any risk in such a big city as Cali?

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    perhaps you could check that doctor's advice against that of one or two others... go get a second opinion.
    I'm not a doctor, and I don't purport to give any kind of medical advice. However from my experience, I'd rather do more to protect my child from insect bite in the first place i.e. cover up with long-sleeved loose-fitting light-coloured clothing, use bed nets or make sure you're sleeping in a screened air-conditioned room. This has the added benefit of protecting you from Dengue Fever too.
    I too have always thought that the risk of malaria infection in urban environments in lower than in rural.... maybe your doctor knows better. Cali is just inside the "low risk" area of the region.
    I know from talking to my friends and travellers that some people react badly to anti-malarials, so if I was going to use them with my child I'd test them out at home first.
    In the end you have to make the decision you feel is right for you, your child and your circumstances..... so I urge you to seek out more information from health professionals. almost 8 years ago

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    I live in Bogota. The only malaria risk is in the northwest of the country. To be safe, upon arrival ask a friend or colleague or go to a Red Cross clinic. When I've gone to Cali I've never given it a thought. almost 8 years ago

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