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My wife is 5'9" but has long arms. Where is the best place to shop for clothes, especially a nice fall coat. Looking for nice clothes but not necessarily boutique level prices.

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    Soho, nearby central park in chaoyang distric you can find nice shops for tall people, and also you can try in Solana, H&M.
    In the Silk Market if you enter by the right side door, turn right and you can find pretty nice coats and jackets and also cheap. over 8 years ago

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    H&M, Uniqlo, Bershka, Zara are all good choices and popular. You'll find them at shopping centres like U-Town near Chaoyangmen. Just across the street from there are the "Russian" Markets of Yabaolu too which have the biggest variety of coats in Beijing that I've seen. You'll need to bargain (and don't be surprised if vendors think you are Russian) but they have some nice things if you can look past the fur and trashy styles popular in Russia! over 8 years ago

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