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    Qinhuangdao is a coastal city in Hebei Province, about 300km west of Beijing. It is located between Yanshan Mountains on the north and the Bohai Sea on the south. The city is named after the first emperor - Qinshihuang in Qin Dynasty (over 2000 years ago). In the year 215 BC, Qinshihuang was here on his 4th expedition and sent people to the sea for seeking the drugs for immortalilty. Now it is the only city in China named after an emperor in China. (Qinshihuang-First emperor in Chinese history, owner of terra-cotta army.)

    The city of Qinhuangdao is composed of 3 districts. The three districts are Shanhaiguan, Haigang and Beidaihe.

    Haigang District is the economic, political and cultural center of Qinhuangdao. The west of the district is Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Develpoment Zone.

    Shanhaiguan District is about 20km to the northeast of Haigang District. Shanhaiguan District was once an ancient city. It was an important military defense base holding a very strategically important location, a vital passage connecting Northeast China to the North and Inner-land of China. "First Pass Under Heaven" - Shanhaiguan ancient pass city, and "Old Dragon's Head" - the eastern tip of the Great Wall of China.

    Beidaihe District is about 15km to the southwest of Haigang District. It is a famous seabeach resort with soft and clean sand snaking over 10km.

    There are daily trains between Beijing and Beidaihe, 22 trains between Beijing and Qinhuangdao ( Haigang District ) and 20 trains between Beijing and Shanhaiguan. There are 4 kinds of trains. Take Beijing - Qinhuangdao trains for example, the fastest train is D Train only taking 2 hours while the other three kinds of trains take the time ranging 3 to 5 hours. over 9 years ago

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    Qinghuangdao is the best beach area around Beijing. about 9 years ago

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