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Has anyone been to the great wall of china? We are going to stop in china on our world trip and want to go and see the great wall of china. Where do you recommend staying and what tours are there that can take you for a day trip to the great wall?

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    While I lived in Beijing I went to the Great Wall several times and to three different spots. The most common, because best restored and therefore really touristy part is Badaling. It is easy to get there from Beijing, because a lot of agencies are offering day trips, but i wouldn't recommend that part.
    Better, because less touristy, is Mutianyu. But from my point of view the best part is Simatai - not restored at all, beautiful landscape and not many tourists at all! we just hired a taxi driver for a day, which was 400 RMB and he went there with us and waited on the parking space until we finished hiking on the Great Wall. That was perfect and it's a nice day trip from Beijing! For some more information check out this website: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/china_great_wall/scene/beijing/simatai.htm
    Hope it helps! over 11 years ago

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    Right on Anita.

    I've been twice to China and twice to the great wall. Badaling is nice (just quite touristy), but Simatai is so amazing. And you're right again - the best way is to hire a car and driver for the day. We got a bus to Simatai (I think it was a semi-organised tour - can't remember) and hired a car/driver for Badaling - much easier and more comfortable - and if you can split it a few ways - quite cheap!

    The Lonely Planet Guide has info too. over 11 years ago

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    Yes, just got back from a 5 day hiking trip. We did a private tour provided by Great Wall Adventure Club, and it was certainly worthwhile. We chose the 5 day trek tour http://greatwalladventure.com/5-day-East-Qing-Tomb-Mutianyu.htm and got access onto the Wall in parts that were marked as "closed to the public". Excellent and highly recommended. about 10 years ago

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    Been many,many times. If you are just thinking of a day trip then around 2 hours North of Beijing you can visit the "tourist" part BADALING. They are many other parts available but some places it's crumbling and not safe. about 10 years ago

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