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I have numerous brochures and info re: an escourted China tour this Fall and would like to know a reliable company providing good value.

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    I did a tour with Wendy Wu in June 2010.
    It was a family holiday, so it was a bit more 'luxurious' and expensive than what I would have chosen for myself.

    The service was fantastic, all tour guides were interesting and had good english, they also tailored what we did a little to cram in extra things that we as a group wanted to see.

    I think that if I had not done a tour, there is no way I would have seen/done/learned as much as I did. It was jam packed, mostly 9am-10pm days full of interesting & fun stuff.

    This is the tour we did:
    http://www.wendywutours.com.au/a-china-experience-china-small-group-travel-holidays-Wendy-Wu-woo-Tours almost 10 years ago

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    I am planning to go to China in May 2011 for 10 days via Hong Kong and will definitely look into China Travel Service Ltd HK http://www.ctshk.com/english/index.htm. It is a semi China government travel agency so it's best and reliable in my personal opinion as I was on their tour back in 2002 for Shanghai China. almost 10 years ago

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    ChinaSpree (chinaspree.com) was legit and well-priced. The guides were very accommodating and well-organized. We did a "Free-style" tour, meaning tours were optional and extra, but they have more inclusive programs as well. almost 10 years ago

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    We used Ritz Tours (ritztours.com) and they were fantastic. Airfare included and the nice thing was that all in country travel between cities was done via air. One English speaking guide throughout the entire tour (6 cities plus a 3 day river cruise on the Yangzee). I have never had a tour that was so well organized and it was limited to 24 people -- we had 21 and everything was included. When we did take a bus, it was 40 passenger bus so we had plenty of room to spread out. almost 10 years ago

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