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Tasmania to Germany by land and sea.

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Im thinking for my next trip I might try to get back to Berlin without using any aircraft. I can drive from tassie to Darwin using the spirit of tasmania ferry, then I hear you can catch a ferry to East Timor. From there I also hear you can island hop across to Singapore. From there Im thinking make my way to Beijing then jumping on the trans-mongolian line then when in Russia switching to the trans-siberian to Moscow. Im thinking of switching trains around Yekaterinburg to a train to Volgagrad and skipping moscow as ive already been there. From there maybe leave Russia on a train to Kiev in the Ukrain, then Romania, then im in the EU so I dont have to plan any more. What does everyone think of this lord-of-the-ringsesque trip? Planning is going to be a bastard... I know how petty Russia can be about visas but I dont really have a clue about China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and any other Asian countries I might be going through and their visa requirements. Also I dont know anything about the Ukraines requirements either. If anyone can give me any tips or advise that they think might help me please fire away!

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    When it comes to China you definitely need a visa and you have to decide in advance what kind of visa you want to apply for. There are single and multiple entrance visa. In case you want to go via Hong Kong / Macau you will need a multiple entrance visa, because going to one of those cities means you are leaving China and you have to enter again when you go up further north. I always used trains when I lived in China so I have no idea how the conditions of the streets are, but what I can tell you for sure: it is a really loooong way up to Beijing :-)
    Have fun! almost 12 years ago

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    There is a company called OZ Bus which operate an overland touring service from Sydney - London or the other way around if you prefer.

    You may find it worthwhile looking into their routes, itinerary, visa requirements etc which are available on their website http://www.oz-bus.com to get an idea of what you might be in for; The route they take is obviously somewhat different to what you intend to do, but I like the idea of the Tran-Siberian /Mongolian rail route (have wanted to do that myself for sometime now). almost 12 years ago

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    It all depends on what your nationality is - as this will define the Visa requirements in the different countries. If you're an Aussie you will need s visa for Indonesia, but not Singapore (up to 3 months free), not one for Malaysia (up to 3 months free), nor one for Thailand (up to 3 months free). However in Vietnam, China, Ukrane and Russia you will definitely need visa's. You can't just 'rock up' to the border posts and obtain the visa's for these countries so you'll have to apply in advance and they'll want to know what date you will be entering and departing. This isa bit of a bugger for a free and independent traveller, but so be it - it's all part of the experience :) almost 11 years ago

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