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What are visa policies regarding visa applications for China - application for D visa for permanent residence, R visa for highly skilled, high level talented professionals being in demand by China and Z working visas, if you are HIV+ - once you have you have your medical check up in China will they deny your Visa? Is it policy to have the medical check up in China - or can you do this in your own country before leaving for China? I have been in touch with a few recruitment agencies, have disclosed my HIV+ status, and they have gone ahead and interviewed me, and are looking for English teaching positions at various schools, Hangxhou City, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fujian, Guangzgou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hainan, I don't want to move all the way to China only to have my visa denied - I did read that government policy in China regarding HIV+ visa applications were amended in in 2014 - how this affects a visa actually being granted I need clarification please. If the school support your visa application with a letter of your intention to work in a highly sought after job, will this have any positive impact on the visa being accepted? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank-you. Warren (South Africa)

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