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Have a few nights in Beijing, and want to find an amazing show that is not too "touristy". Was thinking of seeing the Beijing Opera or a Kungfu show but open to any suggestions.

  • The following is some advises for getting a good price. I am sure you would have an enjoyable china travel. hxynjtu over 9 years ago

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    If you're only in China a short while then the opera is the more unique experience - the acrobatic shows tour the world these days.

    If you've more time, better to travel south to somewhere like QuFu to see where the monks train.

    Here's an American run company we use that provides an overview of tickets and venues:

    or book direct at the Peking Opera website: http://www.cnpoc.cn/en/

    Random fact: Peking Opera is one of only 3 Beijing institutions to retain the name 'Peking', along with the university and the duck. over 9 years ago

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    • thanks for the fast response Steve. Will check it out. Katrina Greeves over 9 years ago
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    The Opera is OK but an acquried taste but if you are in to everything Chinese ancient and modern then this is worth seeing. For most travellers there are extracts from several long classical operas in 2 or 3 different theatres in Beijing and all around 1 hour 1.15mins performance. To my mind that's long enough to get the experience.
    Regarding the acrobats......the Beijing show can be very good but depends on which theatre. One of them has young children and trainees...not so good. If you have time see the acrobats in Shanghai...much better, about 9 years ago

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    You might want to consider the Kung Fu Show at the Red Theatre. Many travellers find the Acrobats shows a bit "cheesy" and lacking in production values while the Chinese Opera is definitely an acquired taste. Of course all of these shows are for tourists (domestic tourists as much as foreign ones if not more). There are some places that have a "variety" show where you can see acts of different cultural performances such as Lao She Teahouse. Maybe that would offer you more what you are looking for? about 8 years ago

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    thanks for all of the tips. Unfortunately I didn't end up with enough time to fit in a show. I will have to go back to China soon - I loved it and know that it will take a few trips to experience it all. about 8 years ago

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