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Hey guys, I'm Italian and currently residing in China, I just got here last week and I'm having a lot of problems withdrawing money from the ATMs: first my MasterCard (I checked the ATM circuit and it should work with MasterCards) has a 5 numbers pin code, and the machine wants 6, I think I resolved this by adding a 0 in front of it, but after I confirm the withdrawal of the sum I need the ATMs kick me out and say something about an unregistered number. What number? Has anybody had this problem and how did you solve it?
Keep in mind I'm probably an idiot in this kind of thing (it's my first time actually using a credit card for something besides online purchases), so this may have the simplest solution, and seriously need help: my landlady has been very nice, but I need to pay the rent soon!!
Also my bank in Italy isn't really helping, and kind of told me they don't know what the problem is.
Thank you so very much in advance!
Kisses all around, fellow nomads

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    Keep in mind that some ATM's in some countries don't accept "Western Debit" card, therefore it's always useful to have one or two other ways to pay people. I usually use credit, however my other two option's are travellers cheques ( yes I know their going out of style), or just plain cash. over 5 years ago

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