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Does anyone have any advise for a 40 year old female travelling alone through Southest China for 3 months from October 2013? This is my first visit and I don't wish to go as part of a tour group as I wish to spend more time in certain areas than being part of a tour group would permit. Although I have been trying to learn Mandarin for 8 months my ability is very limited. Any advise, suggestions of guidance would be evry much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Ooh, that sounds exciting!

    To assist with language, get some mobile phone phrase books like http://journals.worldnomads.com/language-guides/story/1296/China/Learn-Mandarin-Chinese-with-WorldNomads-Mandarin-Chinese-Language-Guide

    I'd also suggest you get a SIM with data on arrival as that'll allow you to use googles translate app https://www.google.com.au/mobile/translate/

    (I've had mixed success with its accuracy but its plenty good enough to get you out of a hole.)

    And data gives to access to google maps, which is perhaps the most valuable thing. over 6 years ago

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    No problems at all. Maybe take "survival phrases.com". It helped me. Immerse yourself in the culture. Show optimum respect for it. 5000 years and going strong. Get up to Xian if you can. Get all your shots. Just don't worry bout anything. Solo is the way to go. Try to visit Jingdezhen. The emperors kiln. If you go to Jingdezhen you will love it. Porcelain history. Have fun. I'll be going back again in spring about 6 years ago

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    Don't worry, I've been from Shanghai to Beijing, in the cities English is usually under every chinese signage since the Olympics . Most people speak some English .in the smaller towns everyone seemed helpful even though they did not speak English , pantomime, or signing usually got the message thru. There is a small booklet of pictures for travelers that you can just point to , like a bus, hotel, food or a toilet, on that subject, buy a ton of those small packets of tissues, and use half your suitcase for those. Toilets are non exist ant except in American hotels, small guest house or inns have squatters and no repeat no toilet paper, this is your most important piece of info. So don't forget. Otherwise you will be fine and have a great trip. about 6 years ago

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    I am in Sichuan right now, a 60 year old woman travelling on my own for 4 weeks so far. I have been staying in hostels so far and have had wonderful luck (Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu). They are well described for location and amenities on several websites. Tissues, for sure. Open mindedness and a willingness to try to make contact with the people, essential. They are very friendly and helpful if engaged. This is the second long vacation in China for me in just over a year and I've never felt safer.
    It is a very big, busy, loud culture so you have to deal with that. Good luck, it's a big country with so much to see, do and learn. about 6 years ago

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