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And adventure. Also maybe to do cooking class?please advide me. It is for my male friend, he will travel alone.

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    In Shanghai, you must visit Shanghai Museum to satisfy your interests in history - get off at People's Square metro station and follow the signs.

    If you are willing to take a short plane trip, I would also recommend going to Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) - you know all those classic Chinese paintings of jagged rock poking out from a sea of clouds, chances are the artist's view was from the slopes of Yellow Mountain.

    You can climb the whole way or take a cable car. Either way, you will need to stay at one of the overpriced hotels or camp and wait for the spectacular sunrise.

    Next stop, I highly recommend the nation's capital, Beijing. Do I have to mention that the Summer Palace, Great Wall, Forbidden City are a must-see? :) You can easily spent a week in Beijing simply seeing the sights, that's not even including all the shopping and eating!

    If want to squeeze in another city before you leave, I'd recommend either Xi'an for the terra cotta warriors or Chengdu for the chillies!

    Safe travels! :) over 7 years ago

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    First, you have to enjoy the beauty of Shanghai, the Bund, the nightlife at Sky Club and Zeal (has a terrace with view of the skyline of Shanghai).

    And you have to see the great wall, at best near Beijing at Jinshanling (not at Badaling, which is to overcrowded). Also, the forbidden city and the temple of heaven are a must see in Beijing!

    Then you should visit Xian, which is the Chinese end of the silk road and has a lot of interesting spots and food... And of course the terra-cotta warriors! over 7 years ago

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