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    As a small ESL school owner and teacher in tianjin, China for four years here is my advice...

    Don't just look at your budget when selecting a city, think about what kind of income you can generate there also. Chengdu doesn't pay the most but it's close to places like jiu zhai gou and emei mountain and it's very beautiful in the summer. Beijing will be crowded and you will have more competition but the luxuries of home are at your doorstep. Tianjin where I run my school is cheaper than Beijing and offers a quiet setting but some complain about it being boring and dirty. Sanya on Hainan Island is similar to Hawaii in Climate but you wont be making as much as people up north and it's not the best place to study standard Mandarin. Go to levelupenglish.org and look at the about page there, click on the guide link to China near the bottom. over 8 years ago

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    Hi Carl, I would like to go to China to work for a while. I am economist, and my mother tongue is Spanish. I also speak a little bit of Portugese and Italian. Do you know can I find a there? I tried with the agencies but they charge you a lot and the wages are really low (not enough to live there). Thank you a lot in advance for your help. about 8 years ago

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    • are you still looking to go to China? for ESL I know agencies that don't charge you and will find you work with accomodation included. felix over 5 years ago

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