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How cold is it in December (when it's Australia's summer holiday)? When else is the best time?

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    The weather in Yunnan Provence is about as wide ranging as the environments itself - so it really depends on which part you are planning on visiting. The souther part of the Provence that boarder Laos and Myanmar is pretty much sub-tropical, but further north around Lijiang there's a ski resort - so it's pretty cold most of the year. In general the further south you travel the warmer and wetter it gets.

    My advice from experience - stay away from the mid and souther regions between May and October when things are at their wettest. Best time of year is probably around March/April/May - on the shoulder of the dry/ wet season. However, if you're planning on going during the Aussie Summer (December) then be prepared for temperatures from about 0 - 15 degrees Celsius in Kumning. remember, it's northern hemisphere so rug up as it's the middle of winter. almost 11 years ago

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    I suggest not to go during summer (Aug - Oct) because it's wet season over there and it can get quite dangerous as you need to catch a bus or share a car to get to a lot of destinations.

    It depends on which part of Yunnan you are going to visit, i went to Lijiang in December for Xmas and a long sleeve tee and a thich jacket will keep me warm, but if you are going up to the snowy mountain, put a jumper under your jacket will be fine.

    Kunming is always quite warm and that's why it was named "Spring City"... almost 11 years ago

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    The spring city of Kunming has beautiful weather almost all year. It just cold (even snow) for a month in Jan/Feb and its hot for another month in mid summer. The rest of the year is 20 - 25 every day. I wouldn't worry too much about the 'wet", it tends to just be a storm that passes through. (There has been a big drought there lately too.)
    The rest of Yunnan rannges from tropical say in Xishuangbana near Myanmar and colder in the Dali and Lijiang regions. It a lovely place to live and travel. Don't forget the rice terraces down south in Yuanyang. This was an inspiring place...... over 10 years ago

    Answered by Greg Curtis via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    March/April/May or September.
    don't go too late in September/October as some places close up for the season in particulat if you travel up to Zhongdian. This year most hotels closed mid October. about 10 years ago

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