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    Cloud Theatre is the best shoe:
    some thing about it:-The Stunt Yunfeng’s ‘Charming Shanghai’ show at the Cloud Theatre is the most error-strewn acrobatic show we’ve seen. The Communist-era theatre is dingy, with a large red banner above the stage reading ‘Welcome the friends from all over the world’ and backdrops of tacky bucolic China scenes. With awkward Chinglish introductions, lurid uniforms and extremely young acrobats, you could be in Pyongyang.

    There are plenty of acts, with the city’s only 12-on-a-bike trick, but they’re generally less slick than at other shows – in the ‘ball of death’ motorbike finale, for example, there are only five bikes flying round the sphere, fewer than the usual eight. The highlight is a chipper hat-swapping routine; the lowlight is a cringey Titanic-themed bit where a boy and girl fly around on a giant ribbon as Celine Dion warbles and the film plays on the big screens. At the end, the youngest performers rush outside to flog you Charming Shanghai DVDs for 100RMB.
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