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I will be in Chile for 4-6 days. Booked into a hostel in Santiago for at least 4 nights. Was thinking about heading to Valparaiso or Vina del Mar for a night or two as well.

Anyway, how much should I expect to spend as a minimum in Chile? I hear it can be fairly expensive compared to the rest of the region. What are your experiences?

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    You can go by bus to viña, it's about 2 hours trip, and at the bus station there are all the time going to viña. For eating you spend about US$10 per meal, maybe less if you go to some "picadas". Public transportation cost about US$1.5 per ride, and the subway, called metro is very good and safe to travel. over 8 years ago

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    20 dólar in food + transport should be okay. Daily. over 8 years ago

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