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Planning on travelling and backpacking across Central America with one other friend. Can you provide any tips on general safety, advice on staying healthy and having fun partying whilst being safe?

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    If you're planning on partying I would try to make sure you are in safer/more tourist(y) area. When I was in Guatemala, there were lots of amazing parties but the safest ones were in Antigua which has alot of Foreign influence. When I traveled to Guatemala City and the surrounding areas, not only were there no parties but there was a sense of hostility/uncertainty from the locals.

    If you want to party make sure you're with other people who you know/can communicate with easily. Go to hostels & you'll find more parties & places to travel to that others have already been & can tell you all about.

    Basically, don't be stupid. Don't walk drunk home alone, don't start a fight, don't get wasted, don't be rude, etc., etc., about 5 years ago

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