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I have been reassigned to cover the LatAm and Caribbean regions for a solar company, and need to relocate this yr. location is flexible so long as i have access to good internet and daily flights that get me to most of the region. My wife and i are both early 30's.

My wife nixed Mexico City, and she isnt a huge fan of Miami (though i have made the case several times). However, we are originally from the SE so that puts us back close to fam (been in CA for 10 yrs)

We both lived in central america 2+yrs, and travelled extensively (i in guate as a PCV, and she studied in Costa). Mostly curious about peoples perspectives on mobility, business culture/amenities, security, and potential for economic growth. We may stay awhile.

We have a 1 yr old, and intend to have more children, so thats definitely a factor.

Anywhere that covers the region is fair game, including Southern US states. That said, we prefer a spanish-speaking country. Lastly, i have to cover S. America for 6 mo till i make my hire for that regional role, and ultimately we'd love to make Brasil our home. so consider proximity to market as all LatAm.

Thanks for your input!


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