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I'm going to Vancouver from Australia in January on a working holiday visa and would appreciate some help looking for a place to live. I'm in my 20s, looking to rent with people in a similar age group. Any advice on which areas of Vancouver are good to look in and which websites are helpful to find places would be great.

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    Hands down your best source for looking for somewhere in Vancouver will be Craigslist.org. More specifically, bookmark yourself this link:


    As far as places to look for, "Kits Beach (Kitsilano)" is always popular with Aussies, as is the "West End" and throughout the Downtown core. You will, of course, save money if you look outside the downtown area, so there are decent opportunities along the Skytrain line heading out towards Burnaby (next major suburb eastwards).

    As always with public listing websites, make sure you thoroughly research anything you find on Craigslist to make sure that you are certain it is legit.

    Best of luck! You're going to love it in Vancouver - there's a reason it consistently ranks as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

    I went for 12 months, stayed for 7 years! almost 9 years ago

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    The universities might also have a room share website if you can find it. Search UBC housing and see what you get. Housing is easy to find in Vancouver, I've rented there for 8 years and often find a place easily, even after the students have started school.

    Staying in Burnaby, near Metrotown can actually be much cheaper than the city and the SkyTrain can get you there in 30 minutes over 8 years ago

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    Oops, meant to say the SkyTrain can get you downtown in 30 minutes over 8 years ago

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