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I am looking for any hot water springs around toronto

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    Unfortunately, I think the only hot springs you'll find around Toronto will be the jacuzzi tubs in hotel spas. My whole life growing up there I can't recall any place where you could go for this. almost 12 years ago

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    I can think of tons of water: lakes, rivers, ponds, falls - even naturally occuring whirlpools - but no natural hot springs. over 11 years ago

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    There used to be one at High park, artesian water coming underground from northern ontario. There was a swimming pool and people would cpme tp "take the water" There was a lot of iron in it and thought to be healthy. The water at the north east corner of park stains the rocks reddish brown, so it still probably has iron ore in it. about 11 years ago

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    you can enjoy just here in British Colombia or in Europa .The most are natural thremal bath in Hungary. almost 11 years ago

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    There are some sulphur springs and naturally occurring springs in Cambridge, Ontario, but they aren't for public use anymore. Back when the Preston Springs building was the Del Monte hotel in the early 1900's, people would go to the hotel to be bathed in the springs' "healing properties". The building still remains, but it is no longer in use. Most of the springs are underground anyway. It is about a one hour drive from Toronto, I think. about 8 years ago

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    Yes , there is one in Collingwood!.. just about a 3 hour Drive!! about 8 years ago

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    So what is it called in Collingwood I am from bc ( been their my hole life have always enjoyed our natural springs for healing and restoration and I have just relocated out in southern Ontario and I can't find any ... I feel like I am dieing with out having access to these naturally healing pools .. so please anyone help me find a natural pool out here please over 5 years ago

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    southern ontario has a lot of subterranean heat potential due to all the faults from great lakes coming together. in fact lakes stay wormer at the bottom than they should be in the area because of the closeness to the magma. also geothermal energy production is very popular at consumer level. off the bet i remember that they struck hot mineral springs at the forks of thames in london ontario when they were drilling for oil. same happened around petrolia ontario at the height of oil boom there. then such rec activities fell out of favour. not sure re what happened to actual springs. good luck hunting almost 5 years ago

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    There is a lovely man made outdoor spa two hours north of Toronto. Check out le scandinav - Blue Mountain. The town of Collingwood has lots to offer and there is a recreation resort for golfing/skiing there as well Blue Mountain resorts. Not what you're looking for but it's still a nice get away. almost 5 years ago

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    hello, there are natural cold spring water flowing down rocks in ont.
    Maybe collect it and soak in your tub.
    Currently in the kawartha lakes (1 1/2 hrs north east from Scarborough).

    there is lot of run off from snow and underground springs, possible even in metro toronto.
    I see it on hwy 35, deepbay rd by minden and parks in kawartha, halliburton, ajax and many other places. I thing were there is altitude and rocks there is minerals.
    i hope this help. fetching water to your bath might be the alternative. happy soaking. over 3 years ago

    Answered by naideen via Site_iconTravellr.com

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