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We are heading to Europe first, so by the time we get to canada i suspect we might be keen to get jobs almost strait away.

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    I wish you the best of luck. We went during the recession (December 2008) and couldn't find work for 2 months (and then it was only part time in a coffee shop).... My husband is an engineer and I am a marketer by trade - there was no hope of working in our skilled professions. But that said, my friend is there now (albeit Toronto) and scored some customer service jobs pretty easily by just asking at the shopping centres. If you use CraigsList be very careful - there area lot of scams and crap on there. almost 10 years ago

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    Yes! I am in Victoria, BC. There are tonnes of labour jobs and other types of jobs. Tough to find work before arriving. Most people want to meet you and will offer you work when you arrive. There are also some great work for food and board! ;) http://www.wwoof.org/

    Good luck, you will love Canada! :) about 9 years ago

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