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Any good resorts would be appreciated too. I'm not a pro but I'm comfortable with beginner-intermediate runs. Any input would be very helpful!

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    Hi Stiggs!
    I was boarding in Canada in April of 2013. I visited Whistler Blackcomb which feels like a roller coaster of tracks and turns. Then went to Sunshine Village which is just outside of Banff - you do have to take a bus or car there (i had friends working in town so drove with them while I was there) the mountain is quite open and in my opinion not very high; it has a nice park section but depending on where you have been before it wasn't large. Some of the back areas had great runs! Lake Louise is a really fun hill, I preferred the back bowl as it had some great sections though there is a long flat area that you'll want to be aware of! Beers at the Kokanee cabin watching the lifts is an absolute must, good atmosphere and variety of tree runs, park and across the board for skill.
    In the same year I worked in Jasper and the friends who are atill there have started boarding already, November, snow looks fluffy and can only get better (pray to the snow gods!!)
    Some friends from Oz are living in Golden, a town near Revelstoke and have been boarding at Lake Louise but have said the back bowl currently isn't open yet.
    You'll have a great time.
    So to answer your question. Between now and the end of April is your window though it is Mother Nature and she has a tendency to make her own plans...
    I would suggest Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Marmot in Jasper though ive heard Fernie and Revelstoke are great too. almost 4 years ago

    Answered by Zia Jasper via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Its all condition/mountain dependent,
    most mountains open up mid november but won't have all lifts open until mid december. This year they have just received a large dump of snow and conditions are good early in the season. personally i find the best time to board is late december-febuary, the season may extend further into the springtime for lighter weather conditions.

    If you are sticking to Beginner-Intermediate runs, you dont have to wait for better conditions. most of those runs are kept groomed and traditionally are always open.
    Sunshine Village is a great spot. Gets a little slow and flat on deep powder days and is a smaller hill.
    If you are looking for an mix of harder runs and variation of terrain i would recommend either Lake Louise or Panorama. Kicking Horse, Fernie, or Revelstoke are also viable options although they are a little further outside drive from Calgary. almost 4 years ago

    Answered by Frank via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Both times are usually good. Jan/Feb gives likely better snow but you could hit some cold weather. April will give you mushier snow but it is still good by world standards...what you might miss out in conditions, you will make up in nice weather.

    Ref: http://aimsely.com/ almost 4 years ago

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