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Hi all,

Next Summer, I will be cycling across Canada and I hope to volunteer as I go - thereby helping greatly with accommodation costs.

I am wondering whether anyone has ever done such a trip? WWOOF'ed/other volunteering organisation in this part of the World?

If so, what advice can you offer to a first-time WWOOF'er/volunteer?

Has anyone cycled across Canada before? Can you give any advice with regards to that?

I will be leaving from New Brunswick - so it's not exactly a coast-to-coast, but pretty close.

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    Does the policy cover multiple business trips from the USA to Argentina. over 5 years ago

    • Policy? I spoke of no policy in my question? I do not understand your response, can you please offer some clarity? Jack Hawkins over 5 years ago
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    Yah I have wwoofed in Canada, mainly vancouver island! It's a really great experience. Beimg outdoors, working with the land and animals. You get to learn so much! Some farmers are great and some are a little off their rocker...but you take the good with the bad its all about the adventure :) my advice would be to try to contact the farms in advance. Some farms can only accomodate a certain # of people. Even if its just a week or two to see if they have room for you. Oh and you'll find a lot more farms in BC from what I remember. As for the whole biking thing, never done that...so good luck :) bring lots of water for the prairies!!! over 5 years ago

    Answered by Crystal via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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