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Insurance for IEC Canada

almost 7 years ago about Canada

Hi All,

I am looking at getting insurance but the CIC FAQ has me concerned, it reads:

"IEC requires you to buy and maintain health-care insurance (covering medical care, hospitalization and repatriation) for the entire duration of your stay in Canada. We recommend that you buy this insurance only after you have received your Letter of Introduction, confirming that your IEC application was successful."

When it says "health-care insurance" does it mean i need to get cover from a Canadian provider like RBC or Blue Cross? Is the cover provided in travel insurance more than enough to meet this requirement?

EDIT: I have tried to apply for "health-care insurance" with Blue Cross online but got bumped for not having a provincial health care card.

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    Hi Kelvin,
    Kellie from World Nomads here.While we are not the experts on the IEC requirements, we can tell you that many of our policy holders are working in Canada under this scheme or something similar. Health care insurance that provides cover for medical care, hospitalization and repatriation does perhaps mean the same thing as travel insurance. If you try and apply for cover through a Canadian provider this is not going to cover repatriation back to you home country anyway so it isn't really the same thing ( assuming you are not a permanent resident of Canada as IEC would not really be relevant of you were). You should check with the IEC department when applying for your visa just to confirm.
    If you have any specific insurance questions, please ask our service team directly who will be more than happy to help: https://www.worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx (we try to keep our Ask a Nomad service for general travel questions that our travel community can answer.)
    Best wishes
    Kellie almost 7 years ago

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    • Fair enough, the wording that the CIC uses was just confusing. Kelvin Lam almost 7 years ago
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    If you are on IEC (formerly Working Holiday visa) you should look for IEC Travel Insurance from a Canadian company.

    Those Policies satisfy all the requirement of IEC visa and cover you in all provinces. You can get insurance coverage for up to 2 years and includes comprehensive coverage, hospitalization, repatriation, drugs and dental. You can also apply for additional benefits such as routine checks, eye exams and maternity benefits. Accidental death and dismemberment, and baggage protection can also be included.

    You can compare among all Canadian companies to find the optimal IEC Insurance plan

    http://arbetovinsurance.com/iec-travel-insurance/ over 6 years ago

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    • Thanks James! Got 2 year coverage- fast and easy Evan Lagerfeld about 6 years ago

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