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    I can only really speak to the Alberta side but
    - Rockies
    - hwy 28 has weird stuff
    --- St Paul Alien landing pad
    --- Glendon giant perogy statue (with fork)
    --- Vegraville giant eggs
    --- Also if you stop to go swimming Id suggest Crane lake instead of Cold Lake, its warmer :)

    If you drive thru the Southern part of Ab stop by Drumheller and check out the landscape and dinosaurs. over 8 years ago

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    I've done that drive about a dozen times and taken a few different routes. It all depends on how much you want to see and how fast you want to go. If you just want to drive, I've done it in 72 hours and slept each night in a hotel. It is faster to actually go down to Seattle and take the I90 east towards Chicago and enter Ontario at Windsor or Sarnia. If you have the time and want to space it out and do some sight seeing, you could easily take a week or more.

    The above answer is pretty good. There are some unique things along the #1 Highway from Vancouver to Alberta too.
    - Revelstoke is a quaint little town and about half way between Vancouver and Calgary. We've stayed there at times if we didn't want to rush the trip
    - along the highway there is also a small town where the last spike of the Canadian railways was laid. I fforget the name of the village now but you can google it. You can see it for 10-15 minutes and move on. Good for a pit stop
    - if you wish to take a little detour, last fall we came from Red Deer to Vancouver by going west from Red Deer past Rocky Mountain House and driving south towards Lake Louise, there is some beautiful mountain scenery plus a glacier fed lake where the water is blue like you see in the Caribbean
    - there isn't much to see in Saskatchewan, but I can recommend a nice little b&b in Swift Current if you wish
    - Winnipeg has the Canadian mint, a cool place to check out. They not only make Canadian coins but also make for 70 other countries in the world, including US
    - if traveling only in Canada, the drive from Winnipeg to Toronto is about 20 or more hours of driving. Going from a Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie is 7 hours lane just going around Lake Superior. If you cut south at that point and go through the States to Sault Ste Marie, you can save time and even pass through the town of Christmas, Michigan
    - in Subdury you can see the Big Nickel. When we were there in the fall, the museum was closed unfortunately.

    I can share more tips if you wish. Just fire an email to me at nomads@iPadNomads.com over 8 years ago

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