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My travel group are all Canadian citizens. We are crossing US border by land and then flying to Florida from Buffalo. Our party consists of 2 adults and 4 children. Two of the children (ages 9 and 15) are mine and they both have passports. I share joint custody with the father of the 15 year old but he is not involved in any visitation of decision making at this time. I have sole custody of my other daughter and have no way of contacting her father. My first question is
1) In lieu of a travel letter can I get a sworn affidavit from City Hall stating that I am not in contact with either father, and then bring a copy of my court orders?
2)The third child in my party is the boyfriend of my daughter. Since we are crossing the Canadian/US by land and then flying round trip from the US does he need a passport, or is a birth certificate sufficient? He is not speaking to his father so is a letter of permission from his mother enough? What if court papers cannot be located?
3)The fourth child in my part is the niece of the other adult (my friend), she is of a different race than her aunt and she will have a travel letter, I think she may have her passport but if not, based on the criteria previously mentioned, what documents are necessary?
I appreciate any help you can offer and if you cannot answer all of my questions I would appreciate contact information including a phone number for who would be best suited to handle my queries. Thank you.

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    Coming from the Buffalo area I deal with this a lot, last year they made it mandatory for anyone crossing the boarder to have passports. If everyone has passports I don't think travel letters are necessary but to make sure contact the US boarder control, you can find the number online. The hardest part will be getting into the US, getting back into Canada shouldn't be a problem! I've also found that depending on the bridge they can be more lax or aggressive. Peace bridge would probably be easiest way to get the the airport but I feel as if they are more easy going at the rainbow bridge! When in doubt I would call the individual bridges and ask their opinion. Hope this helps and safe travels! over 8 years ago

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    Passport for all of you. Google Travel Alberta or Immigration Canada. One of those should lead you to the correct answers. over 7 years ago

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