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    Right in Vancouver! In Stanley Park there's Totem park, where they have 8 totems.
    There's also several places on Vancouver island, the royal museum, and Duncan aka The City of Totems, almost 8 years ago

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    Stanley Park right in the city has a few set up on display. Another touristy venue that would have some put up for display would be the Capilano Suspension Bridge on the north shore of Vancouver. For authentic totem poles put up in there original locations many years ago, you would probably have to go to the Queen Charlotte Islands, also known now as Haida Gwai. That's where artist Emily Carr had to find them in the last century. If you see them in Vancouver proper, they're probably put up as a touristy thing and not authentic to this region. I lived in Duncan for many years and whereas native stuff might be more authentic there, there is really not much to see in the way of totems. A few scattered around town - again purposely put new. Also, the town of Duncan would take you more than 4 hours to get to (including ferry ride of 2.5 hours). And there is NOTHING in this town. You would only want to spend your15 minutes there if you are going through Duncan while on Vancouver Island for some other reason. UBC has a very good Museum of Anthropology with most emphasis being on First Nations - go there. And it's right in Vancouver! over 7 years ago

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    At the university of British Columbia there is the museum of anthropology. They have a tonne of native artifacts and beautiful carvings including totems. A 20 minute drive from downtown. over 7 years ago

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