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I like to really relax when I explore the temples, but I want to know if I need to take extra precautions against poisonous critters who might be taking refuge from the rain-soaked ground inside the temples.

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    Ahahahah! Don't worry, there's no snake nor scorpions there, temples are too crowded to have snakes around. It's very safe there, the thing that's quite scary is the freak accidents that few tourists sometimes fell from the temples. But it only happened very rarely:( over 9 years ago

    • Thanks flippertrekker...I like to get to temples at the crack of dawn when there are no tourists. Hopefully the crittters have learned not to go into the temples...period! less than a minute ago SavvyPR over 9 years ago
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    I was in Siem Reap at the start of the rainy season this year and did not see a single snake or scorpion in my entire visit.
    The only critters you need to be wary of is the monkeys...they aren't in the temples, but are in the area, and they can get nasty if they want your food. over 9 years ago

    • Much appreciated Catherina! SavvyPR over 9 years ago

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