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i'm planning on backpacking across cambodia for one month by the end of this year. i'm still new in this whole backpacking thing, this would be my first trip. so how much its gonna cost me?? really need some advice here

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    I was in Cambodia for only 2 weeks, we stayed in dorms, the cheapest we could find, and went to some tourist sites, like in Siem Reap; Angkor Wat. I budget around $20 US per day spending, and around $6 US for each night sleep, this is plenty for food and bed.
    For travel within the country, usually between each place you can find out prior to going roughly the cost, for example, from Phnom Pen to Siem Reap cost me about $10US I think. Entrance to tourist attractions is a bit more (Angor Wat=around $60US for 3days+tuktuk/tour guide)
    I would say you will be find with under 1500US but that is budget travel :) over 9 years ago

    Answered by Hana Dignan via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Some advice:

    Always, always carry an extra $200 with you in cash--in your sock, in a money belt, sewn into your jeans. There are ATMs and Western Unions everywhere, but keep a stash you don't spend.

    Don't change money from USD to riel particularly at airports or borders. USD is accepted everywhere.

    A nice single hotel room with a private bathroom and air con can be found for about $12-15 per night. You can find dorms and other cheaper (fan-only) accommodations in the $5-10 range nearly everywhere. When I am backpacking (I currently live in Cambodia), I can slum it for a week or so and then I want a place with air conditioning and a bathtub or swimming pool so I can kick back a little.

    Be prepared to pay for any attractions as Hana noted and build those into your budget. It is also difficult and expensive to ship things out of Cambodia, so plan on packing all your gifts/souvenirs with you throughout your trip.

    Bargaining is expected in markets, and usually using tuk-tuks. Always begin by suggesting half or less of what they ask and go from there. Last night I bought a beautiful wood panel for $60. They asked $150 for it.

    If you eat in Western tourist places, a meal with a drink will run you around $5+. If you eat in local joints you can eat from under $3. I have noodle soup (sup mee) for breakfast in the local pasar (market) here in Siem Reap most mornings and it cost $.75, and my local iced coffee costs me another $.50. A coffee is $2 at the tourist joints on Pub Street. Draft beer is $.50-75 in most places, local or tourist-aimed.

    Bus transportation between cities runs anywhere from $4-12 depending. There is a $20 tourist visa fee and extra if you don't have a photo. There's a $25 airport exit fee if flying from Cambodia, cash and in US dollars.

    I would suggest learning some basic Khmer before you go to help facilitate these sort of meaningful exchanges. You can find a free program here: http://bit.ly/gxZWRr It isn't the easiest program to follow, but the first couple lessons will put you miles ahead of most tourists who think the people here speak "Cambodian." over 9 years ago

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    On my last trip, basic daily expenses (food, getting around a location I was at, accommodation) were usually under 30 USD a day. Larger expenses will come up though, and always good to have spare budget (or at least, a credit card hidden away), I would go for 50 USD a day - The extra $20 can allow you to really live it up / see some great stuff you might not otherwise be able to and any spare can go into souvenirs / towards the next leg of your journey over 9 years ago

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    Been there last week. paid 6 usd to private room in hostel, ate good meal with between 3 to 5 usd. bargain for tuk-tuk drives. I got to go to Angkor for 3 usd and return with some price after struggling for lack of drivers by nightfall

    20 usd ticket for one day in temple area or 40 for 3 day pass. To go see the floating village spent almost 30 usd over 9 years ago

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