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I'm going on my 1st activity holiday, a bike, hike and kayak 9 day trip through Cambodia. The trouble is, I don't know what is best to take for comfort, protection and convenience. I travel in the first week of October.
Any advice, particularly from those who have done this activity, will be welcomed.
It's my hope and intention to do a number of these types of holiday.

Thank you,
Smiffy (retired Fire fighter)

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    Cambodia is tropical so hot and humid year-round. You may also get lots of rain. Bring lots of casual lightweight clothing, raingear and an umbrella. Teva-style sport sandals will also come in handy. about 2 years ago

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    Hi! How exciting! I have just returned from Cambodia after 10 months living there (and planning to move back in October - it's become my home...you're going to love it!). My advice for clothing: bring both short stuff and long stuff. It will be HOT and humid, so keep it lightweight, but if you're spending lots of time outside, you're not going to want to have your arms and legs bare the whole time. I spent some time driving motorbikes (Cambodians call them motos) from one province to the other and my skin suffered. Sunscreen can only do so much and you'll crave the coverage of long sleeves. Definitely bring a hat. You might want to pick up a traditional scarf when you get there as well to use for protection against the sun. Don't overpack, but bring (or buy! You can get a tshirt at any market for $2.50/3 USD - they'll try to get $6 for it because you're barang - a westerner/foreigner - but you can definitely get it for $3 ;) a decent amount of tshirts/undies especially if you're not going to be seeing a laundry mat for a while being on the road. You're going to sweat through your clothes and crave some dry stuff about mid day haha. You can get cheap rain ponchos almost anywhere, including on the side of the street; October is part of rainy season...and when it rains it really pours there. I am assuming that you might be spending time down in Sihanoukville or Kep based on the kayaking...it rains a lot on the coast even when it's dry season. Probs should have waterproof bags to protect your stuff. Flip flops as well...for hiking you're going to want to bring your comfy walking shoes, but it's so hot you're not going to want to wear them all the time. Again, you can buy those cheap in Cambodia.

    My overall advice for a wonderful cultural experience is to learn a few basic Khmer phrases and get amongst it. Don't just stay in the super touristy places (as long as you have a trusted Khmer friend to be with you)...get out there and use a squat toilet and eat some good street food (but be careful! Parasites and deadly bacteria are real and scary things). If you meet westerner-conscious Khmer, they'll be able to guide you in what's safe or not. - Have fun! about 1 year ago

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    • I'm just realising this might have been about last October...if so, how was it?? Steph about 1 year ago

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