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I'm a female, traveling solo to Siem Reap for 4 days. Planning on using hotel tuk-tuk/ car to get around the city, and the usual temples. Also considering going as far as Beng Mealea. Any safety concerns to take note of?

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    You will love it,its an amazing place...safety is same as anywhere lock all your valuables and money in safety deposit box of hotel safe,tuk tuks r fine and taxis are ok...use the hotel tuk tuks so they know u...you are fine at night but just be careful of pick pockets...food is safe and seafood down in main part of town is amazing!!! about 7 years ago

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    I would be very careful going off any trails anywhere in Cambodia due to land mines.
    Even having an emergency pee - the Khmer ladies use a very handy elasticised skirt to do a quick squat. Even around Angkor Wat there is still unexploded ordinance. Follow the well worn paths and there is no danger - Lived and married there - a wonderful country with warm peoples who need tourism to support their economy and put rice in their bowl. about 7 years ago

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    You'll be fine with usual precautions (and with the warning not to walk anywhere people haven't walked before, just in case of landmines).
    For all but the furthest of temples, a tuktuk will suffice (unless you're despite for air conditioning). I've used the ones waiting outside the hotel, not necessarily arranged through the hotel. Your driver will wait for you while you explore. Most temples will have other people (often crowds of them). Perhaps "choose your stranger" to wander close to in the more deserted ones - I went to only one temple of perhaps 15 that I felt the need to do this.
    I'd appreciate any new intel you gather as I'll be there again (solo) in a couple months! about 7 years ago

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    Just to close this off, I had a amazing trip to Siem Reap. For the most part I had a car/tuk tuk and a guide from the hotel, Sokphai. Spent 4 days going round temples all the way up to Koh Ker, and I loved it so much I just had to take a second trip to Bayon just before heading to the airport. Thanks for all the tips! almost 7 years ago

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    Just use common sense. Same goes for male travelers. There isn't really any difference, vagina or not. over 5 years ago

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    Agree just use common sense..but there is a bit of a difference travelling solo with a vagina :p. Glad you had a good time. The difference with travelling as a solo female and solo male applies worldwide.

    There is a bit of wisdom in using one of the hotel's taxis or tuktuk drivers - someone who needs payment from you knows who you are with. You cant pay your hotel bill if you dont make it back can you?. If you use one of the tuktuks who wait outside your hotel make sure someone from your hotel sees you leave - the tuktuk drivers are all well known.

    While the khmer people are lovely and Cambodia is one of my favourite countries I did have to give money, clothes and support to a young backpacker I met at Phnom Penh airport who had wandered around the lakeside district, tried to score some pot and got a lot more than she bargained for. She wasnt just robbed, she was raped so everywhere has its bad guys - that thing about using common sense would have saved that girl from a nightmare. over 5 years ago

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