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It would be great to learn about how to stay safe--what to do what not to do. Where to shop for food--what to eat, not to eat. Also: where are the places I can go to meet other x-pats or cool Cambodians and have fun? Thanks so much!

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    I can help you withe the safety advice and cultural insights, go to our safety Hub here:
    plenty to get the ball rolling there. Don't forget to get travel insurance!
    Enjoy your stay.
    Phil at the Safety Hub. over 7 years ago

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    Lucky you! Cambodia is a lovely place and its people very friendly. You will enjoy your stay for sure.
    I'd advise that you travel light. You can get most of the things that you need or want in Phnom Penh, and it is always easier to have less stuff to worry about.
    Do bring comfortable walking shoes & any clothing you have trouble finding a good fit for at home - it can be difficult to get some clothing items in sizes that we westerners think are normal (we're seen as giants by most SE Asians). Men tend to have an easier time finding clothes that fit than women.
    As a teacher, you'll want to dress somewhat conservatively, but keep in mind that Cambodia is hot. Avoid synthetics!
    Bring a handful of silica gel packets (the kind you get when you buy electronics, leather, etc. Many stores will give you extras) -- I keep them in sealed ziplock bags with anything that can be damaged by humidity, like my iPad and camera.
    A large ultralight fabric shopping bag and a refillable water bottle are useful to minimise your plastic usage.

    As for health, see a travel medicine doctor and get all your vaccinations and ask about anti-malarials. Dukoral, an oral vaccine against cholera and E.coli, would be smart too.
    And here are my tips for keeping your belly healthy : https://traveleater.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/belly-health-on-the-road-post-from-panama/ over 7 years ago

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