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I am allergic to gluten (includes wheat, malt, barley and oats). Therefore, can't eat goods with soy sauce, egg noodles, flour based sauces or batter, pastry, breadcrumbs, etc. Any suggestions? :)

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    Lots of the meals come with rice... but you'll need to check for soy sauce in the dishes themselves. Most of the Noodle soups are made with rice noodles too. over 6 years ago

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    This may be too late for Tessa, but if not and for anyone else traveling to Kampot, Cambodia and you've been traveling a while and craving some gluten free bread or cakes, Kampoccino street 726 has a selection of some yummy gf goodies. I am gluten intolerant, as is my daughter, so I bake for us and have extra for you out there with a sweet tooth... Hope to meet you.... safe travels... Cj over 6 years ago

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