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We are crossing the Thai border into Cambodia at Poipet in the morning, wondered if anyone knew the best place to change bahts into reils?

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    Sorry the answer is a bit late but reil is not really used in Cambodia except for very small change, you really need US$ as that is the main currency used. There are several exchange stalls in central market Phnom Penh that offer a good rate but beware that all noted are in good condition, any marks or tears even small and it will not be accepted, check your change if in US$ as anyone who has bad notes will try and pass them off on you. US$ =4000 reil. almost 8 years ago

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    Easiest is just to find a cash machine and get US dollars (which the machines dispense to all international cards). Riel are only used to buy very very small items. Even locals mostly use US $.
    That said, if you need to get rid of your Baht, any money changer can do it. Use usual precautions. over 6 years ago

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