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    After 3 days in Siem Reap to visit the Angkor Temples, we travelled by boat through the Tonle Sap lake and down the river to PP. I can't remember how long it took exactly... probably 1/2 a day, but we got to see so much, including the floating villages on the lake and we avoided the roads which apparently was wise due to the frequency of the potholes. (Maybe it's better now than in 2005?)

    There's a mini bus transfer to the boats, then a small boat to get through the shallow parts and a transfer to a bigger boat. Confusing at the time, but in the end, it all worked out... as it always does in SE Asia ;-)
    One tip if you do take the boat - sit inside, or wear a lot of sunscreen and a hat if you insist on sitting outside/on the roof. So many bright red faces at the end of that trip. about 7 years ago

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    I have never travelled by air, but I assume this is the most convenient but costly way of traveling.

    In April, I travelled by boat and it costs around US$30 per person. Most hostels or travel agents Cana organise this for you. Like Christy said, sit inside, there is no shelter from the sun. It takes around 7 hours and the view is spectacular.

    Another time, I took the bus and that took about 7 hours as well, and cost around US$10. It was very noisy and they play Khmer music videos for the whole 7 hours. Lucky I had my headphones! The bus was clean but try to sit towards the front which is less bumpy and better ventilated.

    The first time I visited in 2007, I was with my parents and they paid for a private van to take us from A to B. That took around 5 hours and cost US$70 for 4 people with an English speaking guide.

    The prices are probably different now, every year I've been back, it's a little more expensive.

    Check out seat61.com for more detailed and up-to-date information on land travel in Cambodia.

    Hope you enjoy your trip! :) about 7 years ago

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    Travel by bus and ENJOY the Khymer videos and people, enjoy the heat the dust and the noise of the locals talkling and laughing its part of the magic of this amazing Kingdom.
    But do get the cheap 10 $ bus dont go for the big air con tourists buses , these are just full of westerners and you lose the atmosphere

    Well that is my opinion anyway about 7 years ago

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