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If I travel to Cambodia and need to organize accommodation and bits and pieces for a few months is the Khmer new year a bad time of year for this?

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    You always have to keep up to date with political changes wherever you travel, but I was there for Khmer New Year in 2010 and Phnom Penh was very peaceful...even had the unexpected pleasure of crashing the official ceremony with high state officials at Wat Phnom Penh shortly after sunrise. The downside is that many workers return to their home villages to be with family, so you may find a few things closed. over 8 years ago

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    Traveling through Khmer New Year can be a bit more challenging than at other times but it shouldn't deter you from coming here at this time. It just means that some travel logistics (especially public transport) will need to be booked a few days ahead. Some budget hotel prices might slightly increase and like the person in the prior post said, some businesses may be closed because the owners leave to reunite with their families in the countryside, but otherwise the travel should not be affected nor should enjoyment (do prepare to be covered in talc powder if you attend any ceremonies or celebrations).

    Enjoy your visit! over 8 years ago

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