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is it safe to stay in cambodia for a three month period of time and are the hospitals and health care adequate?

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    it's one of the safer countries to visit, as long as she takes all the usual precautions. petty crime can be quite high especially in tourist areas, but nothing unusual.
    here're our tips on staying safe:
    It is a poor south east Asian nation, so it gets the double-whammy of poor infrastructure (like sanitation) and the full gamut of tropical diseases - malaria and dengue chief among them. No the health care system and hospitals are not great, although there are a couple of high-standard western hospitals in Phenom Penh and Siem Reap, outside of that facilities are sparse (thank the Khmer Rouge who didn't much like "intellectual" doctors).
    Of course, a good travel insurance policy is essential for a trip to Cambodia, because treatment for anything but the simplest ailments means a trip to bangkok or Singapore - expensive if you're paying for it yourself. over 8 years ago

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    As a mother I can certainly understand your apprehension, especially if she is planning on being away for an extended period.

    There are ways to avoid trouble – arm her with as much information as possible before she leaves including hospitals in the area she is travelling in, the local embassy and numbers to her insurance/emergency assistance company.

    I have travelled as a solo female in Cambodia (twice) and felt completely safe. I only stuck to areas that were well known and was mindful of the culture and customs. There are still live land mines in really remote areas, but foreigners are not normally allowed in these places. As Phil says, petty crime is rife in touristy areas – cameras and wallets are known to go missing.

    The normal health issues are in Cambodia, travellers diahhrea, food poisoning, dehydration, dengue and malaria. More common are burns to the lower legs when riding on motorbikes!

    Cambodia is not a centre of medical excellence, the nearest western health standard is in Bangkok, then Singapore (both very expensive). Should something happen to her, she would probably be evacuated to there for treatment, if not brought home to Australia.

    An air ambulance evacuation from Cambodia to Bangkok can cost up to AUD70,000 - travel insurance is essential! over 8 years ago

    Answered by LisaF via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi I used to be a Buddhist monk in Siem reap just tell her to keep her eyes on everything travelled there for twenty years but it a lovely place over 8 years ago

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    There is no doubt about the peace, safety that Cambodia offers.
    Simply come and stay !
    over 8 years ago

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