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Getting money in Myanmar.

over 2 years ago about Myanmar

I am heading to Myanmar at the end of a four month trip in SEA. I know in the past traveling there meant bringing in all the money you would need for your stay in pristine 100 USD bills. I have read in the that recently the this has changed and there are ATMs available in Myanmar.

Anyone who has been there in the last year or so I am looking to gauge the money situation as I will be travelling for 3 months before entering Myanmar and would prefer not to have to carry, and keep pristine, close to 1000 USD for 3 months.

Likewise if anyone knows of if there is a way to get pristine 100 USD bills in Vietnam, as that is where I will be travelling from. I have read that this isn't possible.


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    I have been to Myanmar in October 2016. True, there are ATMs! There were 3 ATMs at the Yangon airport but only one worked. Just keep in mind ATMs are NOT everywhere and even when you find one it may not be working. If you change dollars you will get a better exchange rate for sure - the higher the bills, the better exchange rate. And it is true that they just accept pretty dollar bills. over 2 years ago

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    Not sure about Myanmar, but when in Vietnam, if you're ever close to (or can be) Cambodia, then they use USD as their primary currency. So you would be able to get fresh bills from a Cambodian bank or ATM. over 2 years ago

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    Hi, spent 3weeks in Myanmar January 2017. Read all the info re problems with getting money etc & preceded to get pristine $100USD bills, we used NONE of them! Found ATMs everywhere also used our Citibank CC a few times. Another thing we do to save changing/carrying excess money is we book a lot of our accommodation thru hotels.com ( I use my Australian Credit Card, pay in Australian dollars) find the prices very competitive & after 10 nights you get one night free, that adds up quickly when you're away for a while. Regarding the ATM's we spent a week in Mandalay, a week in Bagan & a week in Yangon, so don't know about other places. Enjoy it's a beautiful country we are planning another month to see more of the place. over 2 years ago

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    I was there in February 17 and had no issue using ATM's. I highly recommend Revolut card for travel (visa) up to date exchange rate with no fee's. Used on my RTW trip no issues and saved pretty penny. over 2 years ago

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    Just returned from Myanmar. ATMs are available in airports, outside most banks, and in many hotel lobbies. Easy to use though there is a 200,000 kyat limit on the amount you can withdraw per day. almost 2 years ago

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